Safety Tips For The Ziplining In Chiang Mai

About Safety Tips For The Zipline in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, a mountain area, offers the most exciting ziplining activity when you are in Thailand. It is the best place to explore lush greeneries of mountains through the ultimate zip lining activity. You can experience the most exciting fun activities in Chiang Mai through ziplining which will feel an adrenaline rush throughout your body while swinging from one place to another through a cable. You can enjoy the lush forest, including dense trees and hills. You will enjoy the greenery of the forest. The bonus point for adventure seekers is that the climate here is always fresh, so coming up from the city's scorching heat, you will find fresh air, luscious greeneries and much more.

You will receive safety equipment for your safety for ziplining in Chiang Mai to avoid any kind of mishap. Ziplining activity in Chiang Mai is suitable for all ages. You can come with your kids to enjoy this adventurous trip. A highly professional trainers team will always be with you for your zip line safety in Chiang Mai. You can enjoy Ziplining in the morning, which is considered the perfect time for adventure.

Why Experience Zipline in Chiang Mai

  • There are various mind-blowing places to zipline in Chiang Mai where you can enjoy your ziplining activities while indulging in the greenery.
  • They offer regular safety checks so that you can save from any kind of disaster. The highly trained staff is always with you in your activities.
  • Your kids between 4-11 can enjoy ziplining with zipline safety in Chiang Mai assured by the professional trainers, so you need not worry about your younger ones.
  • While indulging yourself in this adventurous activity, you can listen to bubbling and screaming streams of mountains.
  • After completing your ziplining, you can relish the hearty Thai food available at various eateries to calm your appetite.

Ziplining Safety in Chiang Mai

Before you unleash your inner Tarzan, you should be aware of the safety measures which are mandatory in safety for ziplining in Chiang Mai measures provided by the staff, such as first aid training exercise and the 3-day first aid course and wilderness medical associates international. Please read all the safety instructions carefully before training.

First Aid Training Exercise

At every step, the Sky Ranger guide’s first duty is to ensure the safety of every visitor. For any ziplining experience, every visitor will know that guides are here for their zip line safety in Chiang Mai during every flight through the jungle before they leave the ground. In the first aid training exercise, it is expected from all the visitors that they should follow the safety instructions and make sure that all the equipment's safe and used properly. That’s why the zipline trips in Chiang Mai are quite fun, because of safety measures so that visitors can focus more on enjoying their flights without worries.

The 3-Day First Aid Course

Despite all the efforts, there are always risks in an outdoor environment such as bad weather, bites/https://www.stings of insects, rope break etc. Such risks can befall those visitors who are best prepared with safety equipment.Then through this training course, it is ensured that the visitors are protected from these kinds of hazards if anything ever happens. This course includes a wide range of activities and emergency scenarios. To ensure the safety of ziplining in Chiang mai, every visitor has to pass the test at the end of this course.After completing this test, candidates will get a certificate of 3 years.

About Wilderness Medical Associates International

If you are seeking highly equipped trainers to make your ziplining trip without obstacles, then Wilderness Medical Associates International provides you with the best experience of safety measures. It is an organisation that trains medical and non-medical professionals to help patients through health equipment and care with fewer resources. Through this organisation, almost 8000 professionals are getting training from all over the world every year. These professionals are highly experienced and ensure zipline safety in Chiang Mai to avoid obstacles during the most exciting, adventurous ziplining trip. They provide training in medical schools, camps, outdoor adventure companies and rural ambulance services.

Safety Tips for The Ziplining in Chiang Mai

  • Before starting the trip, you must read all the instructions carefully. Please do not go against the instructions.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable, sporty shoes as your feet will hang in the air for a long time.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes like a t-shirt and pants to avoid discomfort, and do not wear any kind of jewellery as it can be tangled with your ziplining gear.
  • Your hair should be tied up in a bun to avoid obstacles during your trip.
  • Always carry sunscreen and mosquito spray as a safety measure for ziplining in Chiang Mai.


What should we wear for Ziplining in Chiang Mai?

During your ziplining tour, you should wear comfortable and properly fitted shoes, clothes such as t-shirts and leggings or track pants as per your safety for ziplining in Chiang Mai while on a tree-top hike to avoid any kind of trouble. Please do not wear any jewellery during the trip as it can mess up your zip line gear.

Do we have to undergo medical tests for Ziplining in Chiang Mai?

  • Before unleashing the trip, you should go through the medical test as you have to reach a height of 500m, 800m, and 1000m.
  • A Sky Ranger guide must check a visitor's medical test report. After that, they should allow visitors on the trip. A specialist organisation provides medical and non-medical professionals training to ensure visitors' health.

Where is the longest Zipline in Chiang Mai?

  • Jungle flight located in Doi Saket is considered the longest zipline in Chiang Mai, which is about 1000m long. It is an unforgettable experience for adventure lovers.
  • Jungle Flight is set in the dense, lush and mountainous rainforest, which is just an hour's drive through Chiang Mai. You can enjoy your thrilling journey with highly trained guides and high standards of safety equipments.

What is the average duration of Ziplining activity in Chiang Mai?

  • If you want to start your ziplining journey, it will take about 5 to 7 hrs from pickup to drop-off. There are two main slots: the morning slot starts from 6:30 am, and the afternoon package starts from 12:30 pm.
  • Such a wonderful experience for you because through the height, you will witness spectacular views of dense trees and lush forests.

Can kids do Ziplining in Chiang Mai?

  • Ziplining is suitable for kids and adults. Your kids aged 4 to 11 can enjoy this adventurous trip greatly under the guidance of highly trained Sky Rangers.
  • Various guidelines for your kid’s safety for ziplining in Chiang Mai are provided.

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